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Wholesale Artisan Breads
The Bonami Baking Company is a certified factory at its plant in Pittsburg, California. Our line of products includes Italian, French, pan breads and a variety of frozen breads…

Natural Ingredient baked right in

• Whole Wheat Multi Grain
• French Baguettes & Rolls
• Bun & Scones
• Frozen Pastries

Our products are baked from scratch offering a wide variety of whole grain products without chemical additives, irradiated ingredients, high fructose corn syrup or white sugar.

ORDER BY 3:00PM FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY Delicious freshly baked French breads. Croissants and pastries… Our pastry is light, airy and fatty, but firm enough to support the weight of the filling.

Oven Fresh

Artisan Bakery

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Locally owned and operating

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Our fresh bread is prized for its taste, aroma, quality, appearance and texture. Retaining its freshness is important to keep it appetizing. Start your day off with a smile when you serve one of our fresh morning pastries delicious artisan made breads to your customers.
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